The  original Princess Echoes blog (started in April 2006) was a depository for all the mindless crap I thought about during the day (as opposed to the other angst-ridden crap I will write about). Moreover, it was riddled with the angst and drama of the average twenty-something singleton.

Hitting my thirties, I went through a wee identity crises. Who is the Princess Echoes? What am I blogging about. Well, after much thought and random musing with the extended urban family, I’ve come to the conclusion that I still just (mostly) blog about shit. Stuff that’s important to me. Things I love. Sometimes it’s crap really. Mostly it’s about things that amuse me, stimulate me, amaze me. 

For instance… isn’t MSG a wonderful thing? It’s the stuff they put on niknaks. It makes stuff yummy and lekker. And it’s addictive. Incidentally, it also causes cancer (or so I’ve heard). But how sad life would be without it… I’m eating niknaks right now. mmmm…cheesy.

Oh, and why are most cartoon characters yellow – The Simpsons, Family Guy and Manga. Are they supposed to look jaundiced? And what happened to using other colours like green…or purple.

See. I told you it would be crap.

Vital Statistics:

I am a publicist, I have three schizophrenic dogs and live and work in Cape Town – possibly the most beautiful city in the world.

I love:

The Marlboro Man

My dogs – Stompels, Darfels and The Bums.

Fashion. I am unahsamed about that. And I love vintage fashion in particular

Shoes (Lordy, yes I do).


Food, glorious food

Being a Capetonian

Dita Von Teese, Tom Ford, Anderson Cooper

Did I mention shoes?

I’m not always froth though and will have the occasional rant. You know, just to clear the air.

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