• A little love and whimsy

    Some days are just filled with whimsy, right. It’s lazy and hopefully filled with macaroons. But, until I get my arse into gear to buy / bake / purloin macaroons, it’s going to be a little late lounging around in bed A little java love and brioche (perhaps still in bed. What the hey, it’s not fun unless there’s crumbs everywhere) And later…perhaps a little bit of this

  • New York state of mind VS The city of love, baguettes and poodles

    I love these visual comparisons of New York vs Paris. Personally, I’ve always thought I was more City of Love than Big Apple… And these confirm it. Based on the Vuhran Muratyon blog-turned-book, A Tally of Two Cities Cosmo’s are for girls playing at fashion Was never a Woody fan anyway… Ho hum Even the buildings are tres chic Mmmm…yes, please I loved Sex in the City for the fashion, but I’ve always found Carrie a whiny little bitch. Make mine a double. Ok, I’ll stop. They’re all good…check them out at http://parisvsnyc.blogspot.com/ or buy the book from Amazon. Meanwhile, I’ll dream of Paris.