Green your fingers with freeRange Jewels this February

I was fortunate enough to win a Leopard print bangle from my favourite jeweler – freeRange. Each Leopard print bangle – which is part of the ‘At the Waterhole’ range – is unique as the metal strips are stenciled and individually hand pierced.

Leopard Bangle

While I was picking up my bangle, The Cowboy bought me a beautiful Bee ring. This cute little bumblebee, together with the Lady Bug, Daisy and Frangipani rings, form part of the ‘Green Your Fingers’ collection. The bee is cast in sterling silver and then oxidized. To give it a slightly aged look, cold enamel is then applied by hand. According to Marelé Moolman from freeRange Jewels, the team at freeRange love the bee rings as a commitment gift and call it ‘Be my Honey!’.



Marelé has also mentioned that these rings are really pretty as stack rings. Just my luck that freeRange has a sneaky 20% off on ALL their stock this month (I say sneaky because you can conveniently leave this post open on your iPad / PC / Smartphone for the boyfriend to find. Men…they’re sometimes at a loss during the month of love having killed all their braincells looking for gifts over the festive season. shem). I’m thinking of adding to my collection with a Lady Bug or Frangipani eternity ring to compliment my cute bumbelee.

Better yet – head on over to Kim Gray’s blog to stand a chance of winning one of the Frangipani stack rings (so purty) or just ‘Like’ the freeRange Jewels Facebook page for your regular dose of pretty sparkly stuff.