• The problem with my hair

    is that there is no problem. Let me explain. Hair is SUCH a sensitive thing in coloured culture. Chemical treatments, ‘swirling’, weekly trips to the salon and, lately, Brazilian straightening methods is part and parcel of the whole grooming thing. If you hair is not perfectly straight, sleek and shiny…well, you’re letting yourself go and clearly don’t care about the fact that you’re an embarrassment to your family. A few years ago, I decided that I’ve had enough of that malarky. As a rule I don’t put any chemical straighteners on my hair and stick to the occasional professional blow-dry and use a GHD only when needed. In fact, I…

  • Oh my!

    It’s the weekend…Saturday, baby. When did that happen. My plans? Well, since you’re asking (and technically you’re not). 1: Sleep late (oops, that’s already happened) 2: Have marmalade on warm buttery toast 3: Do my nails (slightly tragic story involving oil-based paints) 4: Have lunch at Willoughby’s 5: Maybe a spot of shopping at the V&A 5: Cuddle on couch with The Cowboy and perhaps a movie. Lazy much? Damn straight.