*smile*…what can I say, I feel inspired…

My Rain

The whole air is conspiringand
ravening thunder rumbles
your image turns in my head
obscure as dark, rolling clouds

Lightning curls, flickers

Yes, I long for your hand on
my damp skin

a hot breath enters my window
–a gasp,then sweet, hard raindrops
sweet, hard raindrops
to wet the needy earth

J.Dennis – 03 May 2006


Ok…the sun is shining in my office and my waterfall is pith-pithing away outside my window…I’m feeling extremely lazy and very restless. So restless that I’m looking at property. Some people take a walk…I look for a new house.

Oh well…I’m looking forward to having some crazy fun in the days to come. It’s been a while since Jean has been “Jean” and I’m feeling like I’m on form again. No longer the social recluse of last year, or the sad singleton of earlier this year, I am inspired to go forth and party, meet people and be a total menace to my friends. Why? Because it’s about bloody time.

However, all this fun to be had is at a price…the old adage ” With friends like these, who needs enemies?” apply in this situation. I have the smartest, most supportive circle of friends around – who just happen to go a bit cuckoo whenever someone new is introduced to the social circle. Even if the “fun to be had” is male, 22 and very French *grin*…Bless you guys, I love you madly, deeply and passionately but I didn`t see anybody trying to be my wingman.

So, when I finally start having fun, I would appreciate it if you weren`t such party poopers. Nuff said… Anyway, I`m off to do some mindless consumer therapy.

On a final note: Build a man a fire and he`ll be warm for the day, set a man on fire and he`ll be warm for the rest of his life

Small Things

Sometimes you have really strange ” I’m-not-feeling-happy” days. Today is one of those days (in fact, it’s turning out to be one of those weeks…).

However, it’s strange how the small things make a big difference to how you feel….holding hands with your best friend in the corridor… she doesn’t know it but she made a huge difference to how I felt when I walked in this morning.

A virtual hug from another friend (thanks buddy, I really need it. made me smile…)

Coffee with a colleague and she pays. And treats you to a huge piece of carrot cakeA smile from the hottie (I really must find out what’s his name)

A compliment on my hairstyle…
So all in all I really don’t have to feel that sorry for myself. Life doesn’t REALLY suck.The sun will shine tomorrow and always look on the bright side of life….and all that crap.

Pity parties is just SO much fun, though…