Do you speak fluent Echoeology, the language of the Princess Echoes? 


The Female Parental Unit and Matriarch of the family. She is eccentric, crazy, wise and OUT THERE. She IS the Puppet Master and, don’t tell her, she rocks my world. Her favourite song ever is Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girl…Why? She believes Freddy wrote it with her in mind.


The Male Parental Unit and Patriarch of the family. The driest humour ever – so dry, even HE doesn’t get it. He speaks the most perfect, eloquent Afrikaans but reverts to good-old English when he wants to make a point! He is characterised by his obsessive throat clearing, seconds before he makes a point


The ‘Furkids’ much loved, much abused, frequently buried, one-eyed, almost beakless, stuffed duck. Cats have nine lives….Duckie is immortal. It has survived all manner of doggie hell and still sleeps with them every night.

Mark Darcy

Of Lord Darcy, Jane Austin fame. He is the epitome of the perfect man. He has no flaws; only that he is just too damn perfect (and therefore, a figment of my and every woman’s imagination)

Marlboro Man

The Princess’ best-fit man, a.k.a The Cowboy. Not the perfect man, but my best-fit. He knows how to be a man and how to treat a woman. He makes my toes curl. He’s not metro sexual, he’s not unisexual…he’s not even the millennium man. He’s a good ‘ole cowboy who still opens doors and helps a lady of her horse. But he respects and appreciates his woman.

Camel Man

The dirty, evil alter ego of the Marlboro Man. He is arrogant and cocky. He knows it all and has no shame in proclaiming his prowess in the boardroom, the bedroom and the games room.

Urban Family

My friends, the people I play and fight with. The custodians of what I was, what I am and what I aim to be. They motivate me and support me. The also tease me mercilessly.


My parents home…as in being called back to the Mothership. You go back to the Mothership to visit both the FPU and MPU for succor and to re-energise.


Pedigreed names…Storm in a D Cup Loveulots (Yorkie) and Sir Darcy of Langly (Toy Pom). Crazy, obsessive underwear stealing, mommy-devoted doggies. They think they’re bigger than the biggest wolfhound out there

Dirty M Word

Monogamy. As in people these days think Monogamy is a dirty word and the Princess says it’s NOT.

Bag Lady

A woman (or man) who chooses to hold onto and labour under the baggage they’ve picked up in previous relationships, hereby rendering them unable to move on and sustain normal healthy new relationships.

Drama Queen

A woman (or man) who thinks that every occasion merits a tantrum or scene. They make mountains out of molehills and think life is one big soap opera.

Premature Vocalisation

Like premature ejaculation … but with words. As in saying something too soon.


Charisma. Zest. X-factor…My grandmother pronounced Charimsa as Krisma.


A strange combination of the english word, ‘Proud’ and the Afrikaans word, ‘Trots’. My uncle firmly believes that this word exists. We haven’t informed him that it’s not – because we just love the word!

Hopeless Affairs

Department of Home Affairs. Enough said, ok?

The List

A list of 41 things I needed to achieve this year. Am I ambitious? hell yes.

Auntie G

Strange Auntie from my childhood. She disillusioned me when I was only a few years old and to this day I am saddened by her life and life choices. I aspire to NOT be like her.


Italian sorbet / ice-cream. Infinitely decadent for the Princess. In fact, addictive.

Custard Dream

Childhood treat and still a favourite. It made your mouth acid green and tasted of apples and custard. It can only be found at strange little obscure cafes. I know the location of all the corner shops (hee hee)

Blue Fizz-pops

The Princess lives on blue fizz-pops at work. She has been known to be quite partial to a Blue Fizz-Pop bribe for quick delivery at work.


The ‘kisses’ I get from Stormy first thing in the morning. She’s half asleep, but ready to give her mommy some luv.

Naughty Bum

Term of endearment for anybody who is being even remotely cute.

Brownie Points

A personal system of points that only exists in the Echoes. Only the princess can give brownie points and there is no set criteria for garnering or losing brownie points. The Princess giveth and she taketh away.

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