Now, you’re probably wondering why you would contact The Princess Echoes at or leave a message below. No sweat, I can help you with that. You probably want to holla at me because

  1. I’m fabulous. You’re not convinced though and need to check.
  2. You share my love of all things fashion and food related and wanted to share (awwwww)
  3. You’re a deranged stalker (eek!)
  4. You think you have some amazing stuff for me to review and would like to pass it on.
  5. You agree with me (unequivically) on the whole issue of wearing pantyhose with open toed sandals. 
  6. Your love of Cape Town is strong and you’re just looking for a kindred spirit.
  7. You’re thinking, “Hey, this chick is cool. Would she be interested in advertising my stuff on her site?” 
  8. You’re now convinced I am fabulous.
  9. You know I like a party as much as the next gal and want to invite me (that is SO sweet. SO sweet).
  10. You love baby animals as much as I do. 
Seriously though, this is my take on editorial copy and advertising opportunity for your brands:
The Princess Echoes blog started as a personal account of my day to day ramblings and has evolved into commentary about lifestyle brands and experiences I love.
Obviously, it would be lovely to ‘take the money/goodie bag and run’, but I prefer to maintain my editorial integrity.
This means that I am willing to accept invitations, products and media releases for your brand / product. However, I’ll only blog about it if it has a synergy with my blog content and if it genuinely is something that I love and endorse. By the same token, I won’t do a ‘cut and paste’ job of your media release – which means that you need to give me a few days to have a look at your media release and research your brand.
My audience is in the 25 – 40 age bracket, trendy, urban and informed.
My blog is geared towards lifestyle experiences and how brands and products are  integrated seamlessly into our lives, making the daily grind just a little easier. I am not a brand slut, but advocate smart consumerism. We all love beautiful things – it’s about knowing what’s out there to experience, visit, eat, drink and use in our daily lives. Mostly, the Princess Echoes is about being a modern 30-something woman – mostly seen through my eyes.
Oh…and I’m happy to advertise your brand on my blog. Drop me a line for a rate card.


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  • Echoes

    Hi David,

    My blog will be relaunched with new features on 01 May 2013. I am in the process of finalising my revised rate card and will be able to send it to you in the next day or so. Would that be ok?

    You can also contact me at directly at


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