I’ve always wanted a Cowboy … in a bag ;)

Love the COWBOYSBAG label recently launched in South Africa by Label Orange – the agent for Dutch brands in South Africa.  The signature COWBOYSBAG, “The Bag” (gotta’ love the Dutch for their simplicity), is gorgeous soft leather with loads of room to spare for keys, iPad, notebook, cosmetic purse, etc.

Beautiful in green

But I’ve already decided that “The Bolton” is going to be my next investment bag. I have so much love for the Sky Blue Bolton.

The Bolton in Sky Blue

“The Bag” is actually their first and bestselling bag and has two compartments on the front and comes in every colour imaginable. I love the size. I can Mary Poppins the hell out of this bag. Although the Bolton is really their runner up, I love it as it’s more feminine. The Chicago bag, which plays “the good” in the video, is also a best seller for men.

Each bag is handmade leather and available in a variety of styles – rough, vintage or feminine.

COWBOYSBAG is available from eight retail stores and two online – 36 Boutiques and Zando. At price points ranging from R1000 to R2790, these leather beauties are not cheap, but they’re definately an investment piece. The Sky Blue Bolton is on my list of must have classic items for an easy Saturday look.

–          For stockists: www.labelorange.com/stockists-for-cowboysbag

–          For price points: http://www.labelorange.com/products-cowboysbag; they range from R 1000 to R 2790 (being the big shopper).

The Bolton in orange

Easy like Sunday (mid)morning

It’s been an easy Sunday morning (and afternoon). I decided to go-a-hunting for some seriously old analogue beauties… Finding old analogue cameras and expired film has become a bit of an obsession, with my interest having grown from using lomography cameras to curating old film cameras. I decided to hit the old Milnerton Car Boot sale on Marine Drive…borked back and all. The Cowboy decided to brave the cold and the endless rows of junk (another man’s treasure) with me to hopefully find a working beauty. I didn’t. And the ones I found, I needed to research before I bought it. But it was a relaxing mid-morning stroll …

I can like to find a leaker car boot sale
Some lovely old vinyl records…
No words. Nearly bought it for my pom, Mr. Darcy. He guess he’d enjoy it (we’re a very evolved multi-cultural family)
Uh…so much of this kind of thing. NO idea
She was hard of hearing and feisty…he was firmly under the thumb. Ag shame, enduring love, hey.
My new friends…we exchanged numbers, ya’ll. Might even meet up for a coffee and a chinWAG soon. These two were adorbs. Frankly, my pups would die rather than calmly wait for me to finish up my coffee (like their owner was doing)
I’ve been looking for some leather skinny belts to wear with vintage dresses I’ve bought. These were perfect…and at only R25 each, a complete barganski!


Would you rather be doing this

Kicking back in the winelands

While sipping this

Aaah... a refreshing ray of sunshine in a glass

Or maybe find a beach…and stick your toes in the sand

sandy toes, that's how it goes

Maybe grab some lunch

Om nom nom...

You would love to do these things? You really do? Well toughies. 

Back to work bitches.