The People’s Republic of Hout Bay

Oh Houwt Bay. Or Houdt Baai. Depends on which side of the mountain you come from.

The Cowboy and I love Hout Bay nevetheless. When it’s windy, it’s a no-fly zone, but when the weather’s good, it’s a lovely spot for lunch or just wandering around the Bay Harbour Market.

The Bay Harbour Market is right on Hout Bay’s historic fishing harbour and within striking distance of Snoekie’s – the fish and chippie which has become one of The Republic’s favourite fast food eating haunts. The Bay Harbour Market itself is organic and it’s a great space if you want to enjoy a delicious brunch and a glass of sparkling wine on a Sunday morning (Try the Kitchen Cowboys prego roll…or the fresh lobster and oysters at the fishmongers).



Another favourite spot is Thai restaurant – Kitima at Kronendal. Hands down our favourite Thai restaurant in Cape Town,  Kitima’s is characterised by really great service, a chilled atmosphere and the best Thai food I’ve tasted outside of …well…Thailand. Really. To each his or her own, but give it a whirl – you might just agree with me. The cocktails are something amazing too as most of the cocktails are infused with intense Thai flavours like ginger, chilli and basil. I love the Pineapple and Chilli – so refreshing and just enough bite to take away the sweetness of the pineapple. Try the red duck curry – lippe lek lekker!


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