Get your exercise Fix with Skullcandy’s new in-ear audio buds

Haibo…why do I do this to myself?

Every year the endless cycle where I promise to be a fitness freak and come February I kind of resentfully drag me ass to the gym every 10th day or so. This year, however, I can’t allow myself to get back into bad habits. I literally feel like I need to exercise every day or my energy levels will drop. I have also developed a persistent lower back issue (a wonky L5 disc) and the only way I keep it under control is through strengthening exercises and watching what I eat.

Everybody has something that drives them in the gym – for me its music. And not the kak played in the gym. My own music. I’ve spent time compiling the perfect workout playlists for every type of exercising scenario. Which is why I’m pleased that Skullcandy as launched Fix.

Designed to securely fit in your ear and stay ‘fixed’ no matter what you’re doing, be it running, cycling or hitting the gym. It’s light and maneuverable, making them perfect for exercise. These portable buds will not only stay in place, but has a mic and remote that ensures ease of use will working out.



With a Supreme Sound audio, The Skullcandy Fix delivers unmatched performance and stays put no matter how hard you play. I’m a sucker for attention to detail and I LOVE the little skull detail on the bud.


The Skullcandy Fix provides the perfect sound for those with an active lifestyle and retails for R799. Get your Fix at leading outlets nationwide. For more information call: 011 262 0399.

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