Bonjour and Bonne Année

Good day and good year!

We returned from our amazing two week holiday in Rome, Florence and Paris on 05 January and I’ve finally kicked into gear (and boy, it took a little while). We had the most amazing two weeks of bliss…great food, great sights, lazy coffees in cafe’s and fantastic Christmas and New Years vibes all round.



Armed and ready: Hunter boots (we had some cold weather – especially in Paris that hit temperatures of -2), sunglasses for the winter glare – both from, cameras, iPhone and iPad.

Rome gets under my skin every time and this time round it was no different. In fact, the Christmas festivities made it all the more magical and it was really a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be in Roma over Christmas eve and to hear the bells toll at midnight.




We arrived in Paris on 31 December – just in time for the new year. Once again, what an amazing experience. Paris was SO cold, but still so beautiful. And we were really taking it easy by the time we hit Paris – lazy coffee and chat sessions interspersed with some sightseeing and shopping.







Chanel and I have come back feeling refreshed but have both hit the ground running with various campaigns and Rome and Paris now feels like a slightly distant memory.

A very happy and prosperous 2013 to everybody! Make every single day count.




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