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The problem with my hair

is that there is no problem.

Let me explain. Hair is SUCH a sensitive thing in coloured culture. Chemical treatments, ‘swirling’, weekly trips to the salon and, lately, Brazilian straightening methods is part and parcel of the whole grooming thing. If you hair is not perfectly straight, sleek and shiny…well, you’re letting yourself go and clearly don’t care about the fact that you’re an embarrassment to your family.

A few years ago, I decided that I’ve had enough of that malarky. As a rule I don’t put any chemical straighteners on my hair and stick to the occasional professional blow-dry and use a GHD only when needed. In fact, I have mostly embraced my very curly hair and decided to enhance what I have.

Things is (and every curly haired girl can attest to this), you hair needs a truck load of moisture if it’s curly as it tends to dry out and avoiding a big frizz is literally the bain of your existance. So, while I’m going for a more natural look – I take about the some amount of time and energy looking after my hair.

I’ve been using three products lately that I completely swear by – I have been complimented on my curl and although I still tend to frizz…my curl is becoming more defined and, for the most part I get the big, curly hair without looking like a puffball.

I use the following method:

I use Kerastase Lait Vital conditioner and Argan oil to finish my hair, but the real magic happens with these two products:

Lush Curly Wurly (available at Lush in the V&A Waterfront)

This stuff is like a delicious healthy fruit salad for your hair. It’s preservative free and the ¬†formula is a basic mix of chunky coconut, with an avocado base – a bit of vanilla too. So, it smells amazing. There’s a trick to the application – take a small 50 cents sized scoop, lather it into a paste in your hand and then lather your hair. There will be bits of coconut in your hair, but it will come out in the rinse. The result is that you hair is shiny, moisturised and less frizzy.

the second product is Redken Ringlet 07 (available at most good hair salons)

I call this the hair whisperer. So, I went to the Sunglass Hut event and the wind got hold of my hair in a serious way. Thanks to Ringlet it mostly stayed put in 65 kph wind. Usually I put a small amount of leave-in conditioner, a very small amount of Argan oil and finish with two pumps of Ringlet. Happiness!

I took this photo on Saturday in sweltering heat, when my hair would usually become a limp frizzy mess

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