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The Bucket List: 26 days to go

And so, as we speed to the end of the year, everybody’s feeling a bit sluggish and daydreaming of time off on the beach, sipping cocktails or just spending time with loved ones. I can’t believe how busy I am as we approach the end of November, but feel incredible blessed and empowered – hey, when you’re a business owner, busy is good. Busy is happy.

And while it’s been a productive year, it’s been a long one too and I can’t wait to take some time off. Pending the dreaded Schengen application, I’m scratching one off the bucket list this year – Christmas in Italy, New Years in Paris, France.

 So…Dear Schengen gods, be kind as the lovely Ms. Ponto and I apply for our visas. Come 23 December we want to be leaving on a jet plane.

For Italy, I’m taking my inspiration from Fellini’s La Dolce Vita and Roman Holiday, starring Audrey Hepburn. There will be Osso Buco. There will be Gelato. There will be hot chocolate on the piazza as the winter sun sets. That’s a definite. 

France in the early 1900’s  is my inspiration for our trip to Paris. When life was simple and great French design and innovation was the order of the day,

I’ve been to both these countries, but this time around I look forward to taking it real easy and enjoying every single second. More on our travel plans when we have visas…eek.

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