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Star Wars characters in iconic movie moments

Yes. You would have to live in front of your laptop 20 hours a day, count raiding Shatner’s ranch as a key bucket list item and secretly have depraved fantasies about Princess Leia to understand anyone’s desire to do this.

So what is THIS? THIS is transposing Star Wars characters onto movie posters or into iconic moments in history. It’s fun… in a sad, you need a life and a girlfriend kinda’ way (I’m sorry. I don’t get it. I’m a trekkie….friend).

The last supper


Mona Lisa


*snigger* The famous balcony kiss between the Duchess and her prince


Yellow Brick Road.. where the dog?


You would have to know what this is (hint: if you’re a prostitute with a kind heart, you’ll still snag the rich guy)




The (alledged) moon landing.


Enough. Photographer, David Eger, has way too much time on his hands. There are more…Check ’em out here

Via: The Daily Mail

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