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Ole! The Maria Lopez Collection is here

High ceilings, exquisite chandeliers, antiques from Europe, sparkling wine and tasty canapés set the scene for the Cape Town launch of a spanish shoe collection.

Women and shoes? Why the obsession…because it is an obsession. I thought about this again last night as I came back from attending the launch of the Maria Lopez Collection at Delos Antiques – probably one of Cape Town’s most beautiful venues.

DELOS – 181 Albert Street, Woodstock – sets the scene. Gorgeous interior and exterior…great ambience, high ceilings and the chandeliers…well, good enough to swing by.

The Maria Lopez Collection is beautiful – elegant pumps, feminine wedges and, my personal favourite, the dramatic signature Marie Lopez stiletto which features gorgeous jewel colours and textured brocade and satin.

Sexy, sophisticated…The Marie Lopez Collection is all about texture and gorgeous colour

I spoke to Spanish shoe designer, Maria Lopez who flew in from Madrid for the launch and was pleasantly surprised by our shared love of Sergio Rossi and textured materials.

Princess Echoes [PE]: How would you define the woman who wears your shoes?

Maria Lopez [ML]: I design for all women  – but my shoes are especially for those women who wants to be sexy and wants to wear a sexy shoe. 

[PE]: Everybody’s talking about how comfortable your stiletto shoes are. What makes your heels distinctive?

[ML]: I have a platform in my stiletto shoes that makes it very high, very sexy, but very comfortable. Comfort is important – that’s why I have introduced different heel sizes and types in my collection. Some women love wedges and some prefer kitten heels – I’ve made sure I’ve included some very nice wedges and kitten heels in the collection to accommodate (them).

[PE]: Why bring the Maria Lopez Collection to South Africa – what did you see in our market?

[ML]: South African women are very similar to Spanish women and I could identify with that. They are beautiful, stylish and obviously feel that shoes are an essential part of any outfit. Also, Susan Gasperl (Bronx brand manager) and Bronx obviously had a belief in my designs and they know the South African market best. 

[PE]: If you could collaborate with any other designer, who would it be?

[ML]: (laughs) In terms of comfort and style…it has to be Jimmy Choo. I love his shoes.

[PE]: Do you have a creative process that you follow when designing a shoe?

[ML]: Yes, I do. Usually I look at what is happening in international trends. Armed with that, I design mostly on instinct. If I know what will be hot next season, it gives me the freedom to put my own unique take on the design. 

[PE]: How long does it take to design a shoe?

[ML]: It can take as long as 6 months! I design approximately 100 different styles. In that period, it’s all systems go and I seldom even stop to breathe between designs. 

[PE]: what are your favourite colours and fabrics to work with?

[ML]: I love to play with textiles, especially satin, and embroidery and sequence! I tend to prefer jewel colours – blues, green, reds.

[PE]: When you’re not wearing a shoe from your own collection, what are you wearing?

[ML]: I love sexy shoes and the designers who do it best in my opinion are Sergio Rossi, Jimmy Choo and Dolce & Gabanna.

All in all – a great evening. Beautiful shoes, great food and entertainment (we were entertained by Cape Town opera star, Jenelle and top dance company Solo Flamenco who performed wearing shoes from the Maria Lopez collection).

The Maria Lopez for Bronx collection will be available at leading footwear retailers from September 2012. The shoes are priced for affordability – no more than R500 per pair. For more information around the Maria Lopez for Bronx collection visit or call 021 590 7000.

Good Hope FM and KykNet presenter and Bronx ambassador, Tracey B and Maria Lopez


The Lady of the Hour…Senorita Lopez


Senorita Chanel Ponto and Senorita Echoes


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