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Of cooked flesh and beautiful eats.

I know. Sounds a bit rough, huh? But actually I’m just referring to Charcuterie. “Char-ka-wha?,” you ask?….

Charcuterie. French for cooked flesh.

Ok, enough. It’s a plate (or a board if you want to be technical) of cooked meats….hams, sausages, pates, confits, etc. And it’s my latest vibe. There’s nothing more delicious than a charcuterie board (I cheat and add cheeses and fresh fruit), an easy-drinking cabernet and a crusty loaf to pass time on a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon in front of the fire.

The Cowboy loves it. It’s sooo easy to put together and pretty food is oddly satisfying, isn’t it?

So, here’s how you do it:

You find a big enough board. A cheese board will do – I nabbed this gorgeous board at the Poetry sale for R150. It’s originally meant to be a place setting, but it works just as well for this purpose.

Pretty, no?

Then you buy your charcuterie…our selection included: Chorizo, peppered ham, prosciutto, soppresata and serrano ham.  In addition to that, we included some strong cheddar, blue cheese, goats cheese, brie and camembert – I included some pears and strawberries for a fresh, sweet taste. As a final touch, I added black pitted olives, some antipasto artichokes, small cucumber pickles and delicious red pesto from Pesto Princess. You can add anything you like, really.

Add some crusty bread and a glass or two of vino and you’re good to go.

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