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Echoes radar: Typo, Exclus1ves, Jeankelly

I have a few small items on my radar this week – all of them designed to make life just a little easier and just a little prettier.

The new Typo shop in Canal Walk is a gem. Typo is an Australian stationery company and affiliated with Cotton On. I haven’t really splurged, but have dipped in there quite a few times in the past few weeks as I’m planning my home office and am sourcing ideas. In the meantime, I’ve bought some beautiful cards for R59 (I can’t wait to mail off some handwritten notes) and the cutest pair of stereo phones for my iPod for R89. Checkit…they’re owls. They don’t have a South African website, but have a look at the Australian website or pop into the Canal Walk shop. Of course, these are just temporary until I buy some Skullcandy.

I’m an avid reader (mostly thrillers and sci-fi fantasy) and I’m near addicted to cook books. Moreover, I love a bargain (yeah, baby!). Popped into the Exclusive Books sale two weeks ago and spent R190 for three books *score*. I’ve been looking for The Lion (Nelson de Mille) for a while to complete my selection and found it on sale. As a bonus, I picked up two Asian cooking inspired books – Lemongrass and Fish sauce is the new black, you know.

Love this teal leather envelope I received courtesy of Kim Gray and Shooshoos. These 19cm x 12.5cm envelopes are made of leather (well, duh) and are extremely versatile as you can use it to store your small mirror, ID, passport, lipgloss, phones, receipts or keys. In fact, my bag is like a bottomless pit and I love having chic little bags to store my bits and bobs in. It’s a steal (literally) at R100 and makes a pretty groovy gift.

They’re available in navy, tan, teal and pink. You can contact Kelly Lemkis at Shooshoos, and well you’re at it, check out the rest of the range…chic nappy bags for mums and the cutest blankets for baby (My godson is definitely getting one! It looks so snug).

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