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Ebony and Ivory *love*

Everybody who knows me, knows of my love of all things vintage – from vintage clothing to vintage eating to lomography (retro-style film photography). With that in mind, there’s nothing more exciting than being presented with a beautifully wrapped pressie. For me, it shows that the gift giver put some time and thought into presenting the gift. Hey, presentation is everything. It shows care (it shows flair too…hah!). Maybe it’s because I’m secretly a stationery nut (or slut, as the case may be). I love Typo. I love Mu & Me. And, lately, I’ve fallen in love with Ebony & Ivory Ribbons vintage-inspired products.
The shop is in Diep River, Cape Town and they stock everything from note pads to a wide selection of luxury Petersham and Cotton ribbons, Button Pins and Gift Tags.
Ebony & Ivory Ribbons can be reached via their website. Alternatively, mail them at or call them at +27 21 7132964 during office hours.

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