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Beauty Factory…when are you coming to Cape Town?

Oh boo hoo. My favourite body treat store has yet to open a store in the Western Cape. The Beauty Factory – located in several malls in Gauteng – is a 100% South African beauty business that offers luxurious, fresh products. I love it because it’s quality at a ridiculously good price (trust me, I don’t see the point in paying a fortune for something just because it has a high-end brand name. I support brands that offers value and quality…regardless of price point or visibility).

I discovered the Beauty Factory in Nicolway Mall quite by chance a few months ago. The store is beautiful and I literally spent an hour in there buying small odds and ends…gifts for me, gifts for friends back in Cape Town.

All the products are fresh from the source and uses natural botanical oils.  My favorite is the fragrance range, Genealogy and the Freshly Made for You range of bath treats (I love the basil). The range starts at R59 – try the bath milk, packaged in an old-style milk bottle.


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