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A better man – a fantastic album from Auriol Hays

Auriol Hays – songstress, SAMA nominee, mother and ardent Ben Harper fan – has been through a bit of a tough time and has come through it stronger and wiser. But like any great artist, it has fed the artistic beast and her second album, Anima Sola (the forsaken soul) is testimony to that.

AURIOL. That is all.

To date, my favourite track off the CD has been Over My Shoulders – from the moment I heard it, I loved it. However, A Better Man is a gorgeous track too. Sincere, a bit dark and showcases Auriol’s voice perfectly (A little like molasses, quite a bit like the honeyed jazz of Bourbon Street in New Orleans).

In Auriol’s own words, “The new album chronicles a relationship from its  beginnings  to its tragic end.  The songs are deeply personal and  deals with emotional vulnerability”.

Auriol’s been kind enough to share the music video of A Better Man with me. Have a look and listen – you’ll love it. Love the dancing as well…reminds me off my theatre days when Alfred Hinkel was heading up Jazzart.

If you love it, let her know at (oh, and then be a devil and download it from iTunes – available there as of the latter part of this week).

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