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It’s one of my peeves…those who know me know that I have a particularly soft spot for animals. And consequently my biggest bug bear are people that treat wild animals like your average domestic dog (or cat…as this case may be)

Enzo is a one-year-old Tiger.

check out my stripes ya’ll…it’s the cat’s pyjamas

He has a mom and dad

They are two-legged’s from Brakpan. They are (obviously) retards and probably will get mauled at some point.

They think it’s cute to treat a huge jungle cut (who is very clearly of hunting age) like a regular house tabby. Including quick trips in their bright yellow lambo.

I hardly fit…but hey ho, it’s not like we don’t do this kind of thing in the jungle. Just hanging out in a luxury sports car and penis extender. Like a boss.

Obviously I have some strong feelings about this. There is a reason this big boy is one of the stealthiest hunters on earth…because in the JUNGLE, you have to be vewwy vewwy tricksy to catch your prey. But that’s part of the thrill. It’s part of the make up. Being fed milk from a bottle and fed with 14 dogs…not so much.

The Cowboy points out that he looks cared for and happy. Well sure, but it’s not the right place for a wild animal. They have natural instincts that’s probably being denied. But perhaps I am being ridiculously naive. Maybe not.

Bottom line, my feeling is that it’s fust a matter of time before Enzo here loses his mind. Good, I say.

I get kinda’ bored and I have all this energy cause I’m supposed to be doing other stuff. In a different place. Where I can hunt. And do all the stuff that other tigers do. In the meantime, your couch will do?


Via the Daily Mail


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