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It really is THAT kind of Monday

I don’t subscribe to the ‘blue’ Monday idea of thinking or TGIF for that matter (although, Phuza Thursday’s really grown on me). When you run your own business, there really is very little time to think about the Monday blues, shitty deadlines and general chaos. Every day is exactly like the other and Saturday can easily be as crazy as Tuesday, Sunday like Monday.

I know, I know…it’s about balance. But you do make your own time and when you’re not working for the man, you tend to move away from thinking of Monday as the worst day of the week. It becomes another day.

Today, however…I wish there’s a few more of me. Echoes of me (ha ha). Somebody to be the boss, somebody to do the grunt work, somebody to do admin, somebody to do planning, somebody to be a good partner, somebody to be a good friend. There’s very little space for me to just be me today. No fear though (lol)…by Wednesday I’ll be breathing again. In the meantime, I’ll take my sanity in the form of some therapeutic cooking and a wee dram this evening.

Crazy cat is crazy. But oh so purty.


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