• Food Bloggers do it best

    I attended my first Food Bloggers Indaba on Sunday, 24 June 2012…perfectly timed for starting The Kitchen Echoes. The Food Bloggers Indaba (or FBI) is a yearly conference attended by food bloggers and organised by Colleen Grove from Brownie Girl blog. This year the event was co-sponsored by Pick n Pay – the event was at their head office – and Yuppiechef (yes, the kitchen tool porn guys). It was an amazing event – fantastic speakers, a great host in Paul Raphaely from Nomu, insightful and experiential workshops in the afternoon and the most mind-boggling goodie bags I’ve ever come across (Three. It was completely obscene). Over the next few weeks I will be referring back to FBI 2012…

  • Oh my!

    It’s the weekend…Saturday, baby. When did that happen. My plans? Well, since you’re asking (and technically you’re not). 1: Sleep late (oops, that’s already happened) 2: Have marmalade on warm buttery toast 3: Do my nails (slightly tragic story involving oil-based paints) 4: Have lunch at Willoughby’s 5: Maybe a spot of shopping at the V&A 5: Cuddle on couch with The Cowboy and perhaps a movie. Lazy much? Damn straight.