Santa’s grotto at My Digital Life

So, bought my new iPad and haven’t had it five days and already I’m kinda’ eyeing up a new toy – a fisheye lomography camera! Of course, the Marlboro Man is not as convinced I need another toy (but you already have three cameras). Hah! You can NEVER have enough toys. Especially toys that does this…

Of course, cool toys needs cool accompaniments and I picked up that one of my favourite tech sites – My Digital Life – has a bit of Festive Season fun on the go for the die hard techies (or even for the low-tech peeps who use their iPads for Angry Birds. Gosh. Those birds are angry. And strangely addictive).

Anyhoodle. I’ve decided to enter their groovy competition bonanza. Basically, 200-250 words about  2011’s tech events or products that are a highlight or a disappointment might win your some of the cool shizz they have on offer. There’s 16 shweet hampers – personally, I have my eye on the Netbook and the iPad hampers!

200 words peeps. To talk about the best or worst in tech….and you don’t have to be a geek to enter. Enter here

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