Her morning elegance – still good to watch

I love the idea of stop motion photography…the ability to animate an otherwise lifeless or motionless object through ‘freeze frame-like’ animation.


‘Her Morning Elegance has become a pop-art phenomena and the most successful stop motion video ever.

It earned a nomination in the 52nd Grammy Awards and has been screened at film festivals around the world. The video was created from 2096 still photographs that were shot and sequenced to create the sense of movement.

After creating motion from still photographs, the artists have decided to break the video back down into its original form, and create a unique opportunity to share a piece of art, music and photographic history.

Today you can enjoy a signed, single-edition and numbered frame of the video in your home, office, or gallery.’

Pretty. Freaking. Cool.

(Must say, I look far less pretty and elegant in the morning. And in some ways the spooky big brother camera effect made me think of paranormal activity)

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