Don Draper’s Guide to picking up women

Picked up from Jonty Fischer’s (Twitter: @jontyfischer) Monday Inspiration mailer at work!

I’m a huge Mad Men fan. It’s the sheer balshiness, the fashion, the smoking without guilt, the whisky at 11am in the morning, the think-on-your-feet, do-or-die, sexist, chivalry of it all. It’s the unapologetic curves, the three-piece suits and the genius creativity. It’s the world of advertising in a time when things just started to change, social consciousness was starting to awaken and creative types had to become geniuses with their copy and execution.

Of course, I’m a woman. I would not have been allowed to do anything beyond typing and filing…but the men were powerful and the women feminine. And, oh…to be working for Don Draper. Because Don Draper understands women.

Check it out: Don Draper’s guide to picking up women:

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