This weekend

Was slothful. Seriously. After the past few weeks I’ve had, it was take it very very easy or implode. I opted not to implode (Messy, blood on the walls,
guts everywhere. So not a good look). 

Anyhoo…Some random pics.     

Was an awesome day in the Mother City yesterday and we opted to walk into town for brunch (Try the vanilla french toast with bacon at Table 13 in Victoria Junction, Greenpoint. Totally boss brekkie).     

Totally boss brekkie
The breakfast of champions. And HRH Echoes


On the way there and back we had glorious weather     

Spring day in Cape Town
How blue is that sky? I know. Ridiculous.


Along the way we saw Drury lane, but not the Muffin Man. I inserted my own Muffin Man …     

The Marlboro Man standing in for the Muffin Man.


 Then I came home and had some of these     

Whiskey Sour...always a winner!


Unfortunately, the furballs suffered from my Sunday domesticity     

Unhappy much?


and the rest of the day…sadly some work and, on a happier note, meatballs and spaghetti (from scratch, nogals).     

I might just be ready for the week, I’d say.

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