Oh So Pretty Echoes

So I popped in at the Woolworths Delicious Beauty Journey this morning and the divine Samantha Laura Kaye, make up artist and pretty lady, grabbed me for a quick makeup makeover.   

Like most women, I had some concerns and wanted her help on how to turn flaws into ‘fab’! I hate that, no matter how much I exfoliate, my pores are visible. It’s apparently genetic to some degree (unfortunate for me). I asked Samantha for a foundation and primer that would conceal pores, minimise shine while enhancing glow and last the day with the minimum touching up required.   

She had some great recommendations for me and I was quite happy with the final look. I loved the red lippie … so chic!   

The dreaded Before and fabulous After


You can read Samantha’s full take on my makeover here   

Some Kaye-isms:   

“Apply foundation with a brush and not your fingers. You have natural oils on your fingers and they will interfere with the job your foundation is supposed to do”   

“Be brave with your makeup”   

“You don’t buy lunch, boys buy you lunch. You buy beautiful lingerie”   

(if you have big, striking eyes) “You can let your eyes and eye colour do all the work and keep your makeup relatively simple. Which means you can get away with a striking red on your lips!”   

My plan of attack going forward: Keep the foundation flawless, the eye make up simple and rock the red lips for a chic signature look!

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