Oi Vey

Verklempt — it`s Yiddish and means overcome with emotion. It`s the one Yiddish word I know besides Oi Vey.

So, some people just have no handle on what it is to be classy. To walk away and know your dignity and integrity is still firmly in tact.

Case in Point…

Unlike our yank friends (sorry Don. Mwah!), I try to keep abreast of world news. Which means that I try to take an active interest in what`s really hot and topical in other countries at the moment what is the media flagging and why?

You would not believe what is (apparently) news in America right now. Rosie O` Donnell and Donald Trump are in a WAR of WOR(l)DS. Yes, they are very very angry at each other *blank look* and, as with most things, it is played out in the Media. To the extent that the King of Class and the Epitome of Cool himself, Mr. Anderson Cooper, found himself doing a tiny segment on it on CNN.

Yes, I know. Anderson Cooper world famous war correspondent and journalist. Son of writer Wyatt Cooper and railroad heiress, Gloria Vanderbilt. Really hot and very intelligent and sharp Anderson Cooper did a small segment on the WAR of the WOR(l)DS. Now, you know it must be really ridiculous if Andy Cooper has to flag it.

And he expressed the world`s reaction best
Staring in disbelief, he blinked and shook his head, doing a double-take after witnessing clips of the war of words between Rosie O`Donnell and Donald Trump and sputtered, I don`t even know what to say! I think these two people take themselves far too seriously. Anyway, I don`t want to get into this. Um, I don`t even know what to say. I`m completely verklempt, so, uh, let`s just move on.

Just a re-cap for those of us who don`t follow petty and stupid spats between B-List celebs: apparently, Rosie made some unkind comments about the Donald after he gave Miss USA Tara Connor a second chance (she came under fire for underage drinking and making out with other girlies). The Donald, not being all that well-versed with tact or diplomacy, shot back, calling Rosie a big fat pig.

Nice. Real nice.

Let`s be honest, I`m not crazy about Rosie O` Donnell. Not as an actress and not as an anchor. I prefer my anchors slightly more knowledgeable than me (if not more intelligent). She is quite abrasive and not really what I would call a class act But, Oh…Donald. You`re a top businessman and you scuffle like a snotty railroad delinquant. I expected more. I forgave your comb-over and ridiculously pursed lips purely because I found you so incredibly ballsy and gutsy. I loved your chutzpah. But you failed my Donald.

That`s why Anderson Cooper`s look of disbelief was so funny. It`s like, What the f*ck? Are you seriously telling me this is news? With Saddam Hussein about to be hanged; an ancient ice shelf breaking free from the Canadian Arctic; and a US President dying…you`re seriously telling me that we`re going to give even a nanosecond of attention to this childish spat between Rosie and Donald? Really?

Because here we have a clear demonstration of how people just don`t know how to be classy anymore. Let`s face it…I`ve lamented many times over about women who forget to act like ladies and sure, Rosie said really stupid and mean things about you, but if you hadn`t lowered yourself into the gutter by calling her a fat pig, she would have been the only person we would be shaking our heads over. But then you — you had to go on TV, all hurt and bruised by her words and show the whole world just how delicate and fragile your ego is by saying she`s a fat pig.

Vulgarity. Crassness. It shows you have no class.

My Point … Do you retaliate and get involved in a war of words and actions? Or do you smile to yourself, know your worth and walk away? I nearly got myself involved in a WAR of the WOR(l)DS I chose to walk away. And it`s not easy to walk away because you feel wronged and angry. But, right now…I`m not feeling wronged or angry.

I feel free. Yeah. That`s it. I free classy bird.


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