Two Front Teeth

Well, that’s not really all I want for Christmas. Those days have long since come and gone and since I now have a semi-full set (sans Wisdom Teeth), I can`t be staking a claim for more.

I never really get pressies, which is sad. My family and friends accuse me of having expensive taste`. In reality, I`m still a 12 year-old girl at Christmas. I`m a shameless pressie lover…it`s almost sick. Take a rock, wrap it in anything remotely bright and tell me it`s my pressie. I will gleefully tear off the wrapping and go crazy about my gift. There are no bad gifts in my world (and my mother compares me to a raven anything even remotely sparkly and I`m happy).

It`s strange though, although I desire some really fabulous stuff for Christmas I a) never get them and b) would be appalled if somebody bought it for me, because they`re pricey. Inevitably, nature of the beast I suppose, Aunty Jean buys pressies for everybody and the parents` easy excuse is that they`re just buying pressies for their kids. Initially I was pretty peevish about this. I LOVE pressies. And it`s not about expense or excess…it`s about unwrapping the gift. And, usually, the simplest gifts are the one`s that are practical – as part of a gift last year, I received a beautiful Carol Boyes silver mirror for my handbag. It`s just gorgeous and I use it every single day Alternatively, I also received an electric tin opener for left-handed people…it`s one of the best gifts I have ever received.

My favourite gifts are Lucky Packets…where you dig in and there`s loads of small different stuff. And if you include sweeties, all the better! J.

At the end of the day, I know I will end up buying most of these for myself…because most of it is expensive and I wouldn`t ever expect my family and friends to fuel my expensive taste. What I would appreciate more are the thoughtful heartfelt gifts…the type of gift you open up and know that they have really put thought into it and they know what you want and need (Like an electric tin-opener or a beautifully crafted mirror for my handbag).

Herewith…my Christmas ‘wish` list 2007.

A patent red high heel pump from Manolo Blahnik but I`ll settle for everybody I know having a safe Festive Season, without any nasty incidents.

A Balenciaga bag in a deep plum colour but I`ll settle for lots of kisses under the mistletoe.

This handy little Toy (because I can imagine nothing better than sitting on my arse and organising my life via voice remote) but I`ll settle for lots of summer cocktails, sunset picnics and crazy nights having fun with my peeps.

This book (not that I need it. I am a domestic goddess *g*) and this book (because I`m SO feeling the whole spy thing at the moment. Thank you 007!) but I`ll settle for feasting with family and friends around a table and great conversation.

Gorgeous knickers and corsets from this place but I`ll settle for….yeah right. I`m not settling on this one. I`ll just go and get my own. That way everybody`s happy, right? *grin*

This Spa Treatment – but I`ll settle for a scented bath with rose petals, champagne and oysters.

Some of these nifty little Alessi kitchen gadgets…so that I can play with my food but I`ll settle for the opportunity to learn how to make a fire like a dude and braai like a pro.

This Breville Espresso machine *sigh* Espresso on tap! but I`ll settle for making a resolution to drink less coffee and more tea.

Some nifty accessories for my office from Carol Boyes – but I`ll settle for cleaning out the existing crap in my office first.

This Drink but I`ll settle for any good champagne come New Year. As long as I`m with my mates and we`re all safe and having fun, I`ll be happy. For all I care, you could give me water (at least put some bubbles in it though).

A dress from this local designer (because local is lekker sometimes and I`m keeping it real) but I`ll settle for cleaning out my closet of the tons of clothing I don`t wear or need anymore and taking it to a charity.

This getaway (because I need pristine beaches, huge lobsters, cold beers and peace and bloody quiet after the year I`ve had. I want to lie around soaking up the rays and occasionally deigning to put my royal toe in the water. Why go far when paradise is on your doorstep?) but I`ll settle for actually taking some time off (not just hinting and threatening to) and sleeping late, reading books and generally taking it easy. In the new year, when the holiday mania is over, I`ll set off for paradise.

This fragrance because it`s what I usually wear and my current stock is almost depleted. Unfortunately, it`s not sold in South Africa so I have to have it imported. Sad, but true So I`ll settle for taking regular showers, using soap and finishing all the other miscellaneous perfumes I have standing about. I will also settle for burrowing my face in my sweetie`s neck and smelling his unique smell.

Bling from this place but I`ll settle for wearing my Swarovski tiara (bought on sale in Austria) on New Years eve.

And there you have it! My Christmas list…

For a girl who`s been occasionally naughty, but mostly nice.

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