…things I wish boys were told while sitting on their mother`s knee…

Acting like a complete and total arse in order to get her attention, can only be endearing for so long. Once you have her attention it would probably be wise to display some sense of normal behaviour.
Sure, it`s 2007 and sisters are doing it for themselves, but it`s still ok to make the first move. Sitting on your arse and ‘willing` her to come over might not get you anywhere. You will, however, have the mother of all headaches.
Opening the door, pulling out the chair and just displaying good manners is very sexy. Trust me on this.
Girls (as I`m sure do you) attach a lot of significance to first times first meetings, first kisses, first time lovemaking. So, be a trooper and exercise some restraint and patience, put as much effort as she does into making the moment memorable. She will thank you for this.
Good grooming and generally making a bit of an effort to shower, shave and dress in clean neat clothes (whatever you style might be) is generally noted on first glance by most women. You will instantly lose or gain brownie points for displaying some sense of interest in your appearance in fact, we really dig the fact that you`ve gone to some trouble to look good for us.
If you really like the girl and want this to last, be yourself…all the time, from the very start. There is no bigger turn-off and disappointment for any girl, than to discover that her Prince has morphed into an Ogre after just two dates.
You don`t have to be eloquent, quote poetry and have all the best lines but occasionally you do need to say how you feel. We find this really sexy. I`m so pissed that Chelsea lost does not constitute a big meaningful conversation. Repeat after me: How was your day, honey?
Be kind to animals, the destitute, waitrons and our FPU`s. In our eyes you will immediately be elevated to Rock Star status.
It`s ok to tell us what you want when we`re being intimate. Don`t just pounce on us with a ‘surprising new move I saw in FHM`. It`ll kill the mood instantly. We`re part of the equation, you know. Tell is what you like or don`t like.
Some of us don`t have an issue with strippers, porn stars, etc. They make a choice to earn their money in a certain way and men are visual and sometimes need to indulge that side of their nature. We promise not to get paranoid or insecure about the stripper you saw last night, as long as you don`t say something like, I wish you were more limber, like Candy. Be tactful and the result might sometimes be surprising. Remember, secretly some women would love to do it like a Candy or a Jemma, but we need to feel comfortable.
If you don`t like shopping with us, say so. We won`t force you to go (unless we`re being really evil and peevish) and you won`t resort to sitting on a bench in some mall hating us.
Routine is boring. We need spice in our lives. So, change the pattern of your dating, seducing, lovemaking, etc. How does it go… Unpredictable.
And finally, nice guys don`t always finish last but do yourself a favour and make sure that she respects you as much as you respect her. It`s a partnership and you are not her pet

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