The Naked Truth

So, the general consensus on the BURNING QUESTION is that showing off your guava for the whole world to see in graphic hairless detail is so 2006, Daaahling! (And NO, Visual::Liza, I be no hater – but seeing Britney`s punnani over and over again is like being forced to watch Barbed Wire over and over again. I lose brain cells, Chica. *grin*).
But the responses, begged another question…why is it that men think it`s ok to let willy wander. I mean, let`s get real. It`s not like the ladies are crotch watching, but we can SEE when your trouser snake is not nicely caged. For goodness sake, the poor thing is inevitably flapping around like a fish out of water and it`s very disconcerting for us sometimes (as we don`t have thing that flap?). To make matters worse, going without underwear inevitably leads to two nasty little occurrences…

1) Adjusting your peter in public. Usually in full view of some poor virginal lass who dies of shame right there and promptly goes into years of therapy, or

2) *and this is particularly nasty* Little Mini-Me proves he`s a ‘stand-up` guy and does the whole public arousal thing.

We know men think about sex constantly and it takes a carelessly exhibited ankle or promiscuous little toe for them to get excited and aroused. So, do the maths…no CK`s, no restraint and your little pecker is happy to raise his head and say, Howdy doody. Tsk tsk….

And on the subject of underwear…it`s ok to buy nice onties, guys. Really. Me? Personally, I`m a tighty-whities kinda` princess (of the Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss variety). Because it looks like tight shorts, I like the way it forms a guys` butt. It`s not skanky, covers all the bits and (let`s face it) it`s damn sexy…especially if you`ve seen Zidane in the CK campaign. Yum…

However, it doesn`t matter what you`re buying. Just makes sure it looks presentable. Y-fronts, shorts, tighty whities…

As long as there`s not *and this is critical* a sign of a silky boxer shorts like thingie with a print of a Tasmanian devil on it in sight.

Sad, but true. But, like Britney`s chacha, silky boxers are so toxic.

The Princess is prepared for all the hate mail from Boxer Shorts loving boys all over South

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