TGIF Princess

I am having an incredibly busy day and it`s really annoying me. My sole intention for today was to take it easy in the manner of TGIF worshippers the world over. Didn`t happen. I`ve been doing actual honest work today and I can`t really say that I feel accomplished, as much as I feel like saying enough.

Anyhoo…I`ve been thinking about prejudices all day, because of an incident this morning. I get into the elevator this morning and as the door is shutting I realise at the last second that someone is trying to make it in time and I’m going to look like a total cow if I don’t lunge for the “door open” button. So there I am debating the conundrum of holding the lift and kind of thinking to myself, there are 4 other elevators, he can grab another one because I`m late as it is. But this guy throws his arm in between the shutting doors; I hit the button, rolling my eyes, annoyed that this will add another 15 seconds to my commute. And then he gets on and I see that it’s a gent I’ve noticed before because he has a physical impediment that significantly hinders his walking. I instantly feel slightly lower than the dirt under my patent blue 8 inch heels *wearing a to-die-for pair bought at Aldo`s*. I tend to automatically annoint the physically challenged with a bit of sainthood for dealing with the prejudice they encounter in any given day (And THAT is my prejudice in itself. Something I need to work on). So anyway, I’m chatting to this noble, gentle soul about lunging for closing doors and about how I was being a borderline bitch to him a few second ago, when…

Him: “Oh, I do it all the time and they’ve never gotten me. People like you always feel sorry for us, so we take advantage”

Me: “Oh, good,” (polite chuckle.)

Him: “Of course, I don`t agree with people in wheelchairs taking the elevator. I never keep the lift open for them. They get state benefits way more than us walking handicapped. They have no reason to work. They`re basically just showing off. Trying to prove a stupid point.”

Me: (weird little confused laugh)

Him: (gives me a look that would curdle milk) “Why are you laughing? I am very serious about this. I have a problem with people taking opportunities away from me. This company should review its policies regarding who is allowed to work for them and what kind of benefits they enjoy.”

(Sound of needle scratching across the record.)

With a chipper, “Have a great day!” he exited the elevator. It made me think of a line out of a movie, where one characters references someone’s family not caring that she’s dating a white guy because at least it means she’s not gay: “It’s always heartwarming to see a prejudice defeated by a deeper prejudice.”

It was probably the most surreal conversation I`ve had in a long while. Thoroughly confusing and in the face of my own stupid prejudice against people who arrive at work late and hold me up at the lift, I was faced with the double-whammy of my misguided sympathy and guilt towards handicapped individuals (not as bad, but a form of prejudice as well). Moreover, I was faced with this gentleman`s attitude towards individuals who are more severely challenged than himself.

Ok then. I guess this post has no point besides the fact that I will be holding the lift door open for whomever needs it.

On a final note…it`s the munchkin`s birthday tomorrow and the Urban Family will be doing the really laid back thing tonight. Dinner and drinks at Banana Jam, followed by dancing at the usual (which I`m actually getting tired of. I need a new local). The rest of the weekend will be taken up by Christmas preparations and shopping, doing stuff around the house and, maybe (if I`m lucky) I will get to see my Mr. Stuyvesant (I`d love to call him the Marlboro Man…but since the former is his brand of choice, I`ll acquiesce)

Whatever you do this weekend, have fun and be safe. Better yet…take some pics on your mobile phone or camera and mail me the scene of your weekend crimes whether that`s the club, pub, lounge, bathroom, bedroom, garden, library, coffee shop or adult store. We`ll make it a photoblog weekend round-up post on Monday.

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