Swept Away

**This is an update on the earlier post (below):

I’ve received ‘word’ that my geyser has just burst, flooding an area of my house. Now I am well and truly Swept Away.

How’s that for bloody Karma and Coincidence?

Swept Away…

The last 6 days have really been one for the books…I feel brow beaten, whipped and just generally abused by work, love and life in general. I`ve even neglected my blog *gasp* Right this second, as I`m typing, I`m at the point where I`d quietly and respectfully like to say to the universe, Ha. Ha. You make funny joke, long time. So stop now.

You see, I`ve been Swept Away. Swept away by life, love and work. By incidents, mishaps of my own design and comedy of errors. At times it feels good, at times it`s just annoying and a few times it has been scary. I am now just fatigued and I wish the year would end…because it`s been a long and eventful ride. But somewhere along the line, I need to disembark, take it slow and smell the Tequila.

Swept Away…

By countless work functions, events, workshops, deadlines and meetings which all have not shown any indication of stopping. As the year draws to a close, the work pressure seems to be escalating and I find myself working till 10pm some nights. It`s exhausting, but ultimately it`s just incredibly irritating. I like my life neatly ordered, thank you and this sudden influx of crises and attention-sapping deadlines are just annoying. You can obviously tell that I am cranky late night working and general insomnia does that to a girl eventually. My only comfort is that pretty soon all these proactive individuals I work with will become less so, they will go on leave and I will be able to breathe again. The idea of it is better than getting hold of Wentworth Miller in a sexy clinch.

Swept Away…

By Casino Royale

Darker, edgier and tougher…I love Daniel Craig`s 007. I`ll be the first to admit that I watched it with a fair amount of bias and suspicion. I am an ardent James Bond fan and wasn`t about to be swayed by clever marketing gimmicks and spin doctoring around Craig`s image. The first 10 minutes of the movie had me sitting up and taking notice. By the time we hit the torture scene, I was sold. Daniel Craig is unbelievably gritty as Bond, but he makes for a more believable spy. He looks good in his suit, he has a stunning physique and he doesn`t give a damn if the Martini`s shaken or stirred. Oh…and he bleeds often, while still managing to look incredibly hot. Very more-ish…

Swept Away…

By Drama. My weekend was one of drama. Drama on many interesting levels. The drama of waiting, the drama of watching, the drama of flirting (dangerously) and the drama of playing it cool when under scrutiny and fire. Drama. And on that note…La Dolce Vita and Fogwell both deserve a very public apology…As a result of ‘stuff` happening (which I am not at liberty to disclose or discuss privacy issues), I was unable to meet with Dolce as planned. In addition, I failed to call Fogwell…given the circumstances and my shitty mood I was not going to call someone at that point. I would`ve sounded like a total cow. So, Dolce…I owe you a drink babe and I will make a plan to meet you at ToM (sans hippies, crazies and Goths) and Fogwell, I will call. Enough said.

Swept Away…

By boys. You spend a whole year just moseying along and minding your own business. Sure, you`re vaguely aware (in some absent-minded way) that you`re not exactly on anyone`s radar. You don`t particularly care for a long while, until the day you sit up and decide that you are ready to have fun, meet boys, go on dates, dance the night away and just have good clean fun. And having fun and being happy is such an infectious thing I think. Suddenly I`m out there doing just that dancing, laughing, flirting and playing. And I am being approached. And I`m being ogled. Not being ogled for a while makes you lose your touch, I must admit. You tend to do a double take and the first few times your reaction is less than suave (huh? Is he looking at me?? Why`s he looking at me all the time? Crap. I must look terrible. Ooooooooooooooooh…. He`s giving me the eye). So, after a couple of false starts and crazy botched conversations, I`m back in the game …

I`ve mentioned a couple of interesting men I`ve met in the last year… some crazy situations, dates, frustrations and fruitless crushes. However, my current situation is a lot more real than any of the others. Mostly because I`m very ‘present` in this situation…I`m not sitting back and watching something unfold or crash and burn. I`m involved with my emotions and thoughts and actions. I feel alive, but I also feel sick to my stomach. It`s a curious roller-coaster ride because it`s scary, but I`d hate to get off right now.

Two men, two very different people…who work at the same place (also the place I happen to frequent socially), have simultaneously indicated their interest in me. Bachelor 1 is every bit like me…Spontaneous, gregarious and fun. He is also the resident celebrity. He does his thing while sending me playful text messages, laughing, flirting and blowing kisses. He says I intrigue him. He seems to be all confidence and sass but I suspect he is incredibly shy. That doesn`t stop women fawning over him. I am not fazed by this. I play it cool and I don`t fawn over him. I refuse for him to think I am a groupie. As a result his fascination is endless…and he can`t seem to resist. He has yet to make a definite overture though, but I`m not helping anything along more than I already have by actually turning up. Some things are not to be made easier… *I am feeling cautiously interested about Bachelor 1*

Bachelor 2 is my polar opposite and if I ever had a type, he would not be it. But, in the face of his sweetness, his confidence and his take-charge attitude, I am just swept away. He has boldly stated his interest, asked for my number, called me and made time to speak to me although he`s busy working he has also made me a cocktail…with cherries. And named it…The Princess Echoes. *smile* It has tequila in it. I feel pursued, seduced and wooed. It`s strange…feeling warm and fuzzy again. But it`s nice. Mostly I feel like a girl…safe and desired. *I am feeling cautiously optimistic about Bachelor 2*

Do these two fine gents know about each other? Well, sure. They work at the same place and they are friends. I have not made any commitments to anybody, I have made no promises and I have been honest with both. As far as I`m concerned I`m single. I want to take a break from being the moral high ground Princess and I just want to give me, Jean, a chance to discover new life and love.

All in all life, love and work might work out, it might not. But everything needs a beginning, an alpha…a start. And this is it. I feel it in my bones…this is the beginning of a new journey for me.

And if it means I`m swept away by it all…so be it

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