Statistic #479

After surfing on a wave of high emotion and feeling for a few ‘long` weeks, I`ve come down with a bit of a crash this morning.

A friend of mine has passed away. Another statistic for the season…another statistic as a result of another driver, who was well past his drinking limit and, feeling his Dutch Courage, went racing around like a maniac.

I`m sad and upset and just plain pissed off. I will expound later…in the meantime:

How many of us actually take that chance? And not just this time of the year throughout the year.

How many of us actually take a drink or one too many and still get behind the wheel of our car?

Just a thought…use it. Don`t use it. Right now I need a hug. A real honest-to-God hug.

But I’ll settle for coffee.

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