Morning Angelface

What puts a smile on your face first thing in the morning? In my case…usually nothing. Nothing can persuade me to smile before 10am. I go through my early mornings grunting, cursing and generally pretending to smile at people by grimacing. Stumbling between bed, shower, closet and coffee maker is an onerous affair and throw in a dog or two underfoot, and you generally have a very cranky ‘morning princess`.

I`m smiling this morning. It`s a silly giddy happy smile. It`s an infectious smile and I have everybody around me smiling back. And the type of energy I throw back at people mid-afternoon is surfacing early, because everybody`s bubbling around me as well. Hell, I`m even playing the Teriyaki Boyz`, Tokyo Drift (the theme song from Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift) at top volume in my office with the door open. It`s a fun, frothy, happy song and it suits my mood perfectly this morning.

I`m wearing happy clothing, happy shoes and the hair is in a happy place. *grin*

So, here it is…I`ve forgotten how incredibly crazy it can be to get a text message from a boy you really really like, first thing in the morning. And instantly you`re wide awake and grinning like a silly schoolgirl. The air is sharper and colours are brighter and you can handle just about anything that happens. One text message with a promise of a call later. One sweet and simple message that says everything and nothing. This is second only to waking up snuggled next to a warm body…

Apparently it doesn`t take much to make my a ‘morning princess` after all

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