Monday Morning Missives

Oi vey…what a weekend. 🙂

As per the Friday afternoon Echoes…. “Whatever you do this weekend, have fun and be safe. Better yet…take some pics on your mobile phone or camera and mail me the scene of your weekend crimes whether that`s the club, pub, lounge, bathroom, bedroom, garden, library, coffee shop or adult store. We`ll make it a photoblog weekend round-up post on Monday”

I am now awaiting all your weekend pics. *thanks to those who have already submitted first thing this morning, but we have to wait for the slow coaches to ketchup

I’ll be posting a roundup of all your random mobile and digital camera pics from the weekend past. You don’t HAVE to be in the pic (if you’re concerned abut privacy). Deadline – 1pm today! It can be as forthright or arb as you like. All we need to see is an image of what you did this weekend.

And then… A big FAT happy biffday to Syllable! Hope you have an amazing year. If I had to grant your three wishes, sweetie…it would be this.

1. World Peace.


1. A fantastic new job!
2. A fantastic new man!
3. A fantastic unlimited spa budget! (funded by either new job or man?)

Have an awesome day, sweetie!

The Princess.

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