Missing you

I miss him.

When he is not with me, I miss him. It`s a stange feeling…needing the comfort of someone`s presence. It`s scary and exhilirating.

It`s not perfect, the presence of someone in your space. It`s a challenge. More so, I`m in awe of my need to have him with me.

The sound of his voice is as refreshing as a drop of water when I am thirsty and dehydrated.

The nearness of him feels as good as my pillow after a long day.

He is comfort to me and I miss him.

I see him everywhere. I hear him everywhere. And everything I do is a small reminder of our precious time together.

He is the single small candle burning – that is still bright enough to keep me up at night. It is relaxing. It is comforting. It is warm.

And I hope it is not going out any time soon.

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