Jingle my bells

I’m lying next to the FPU, the munchkins are around, older sis is frantically texting someone and we’re all suffering from post Christmas-lunch fatigue. Ye Gods, I haven’t done so much cooking, cleaning and eating for the longest time. For the record, my contribution to the feast was Thai Prawns – and, yes, it was suitably fabulous fare.

Christmas, as always, was everything I expected it to be. Mass on Christmas Eve, then we all move to the Parentals place, open pressies, drink some champers and the off to surprise the Boo with a Christmas wish.

Received some great Pressies – all well thought out gifts and I can’t wait to use some of them.

So, here I am – moeg… but happy. Sated.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, I hope you’re having a blessed, safe and very merry Christmas. It’s about Peace and Love baby!…Peace and Love.

Have a good one.

Oh…and the FPU says that you should all behave. please. that’s a direct order from the Female Parental Unit.

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