If you build it, it will come

Whew! You know what`s weird…when you search for information on something and one of the 5 references it spits out tags your own blog. A double take and Goosebumps. Freaky stuff.

Anyhoo…Yesterday was a real humdinger. I literally raced from pillar to post and when I finally thought it was all over, I ended up taking clients out for dinner. I am just SO glad it`s Friday. Because I`m really sick of here. So sick of here…and I`m feeling cranky and offish as a result.

In the meantime… Please note that I am officially sick of this year as well.

Bridget Jones moment? Well, yes. But it`s more like a Bridget Jones life.

For whatever reason, the server at work takes it upon itself, with alarming frequency, to unhinge. It hinders my work and makes me cuss softly (yet in a total princess-like way) and basically really really just frustrates me…I`ve taken to walking up and down the corridor and talking crap to my colleagues in a bid to calm down.

As Bridget would say: not v.good. f************************ck.

To add insult to injury in this Bridget Jones life… I had a Bridget Jones moment this week as well…

I had a workshop earlier this week, one of those ‘empowerment` meetings really just an opportunity for women in business to come together and network. Man, I tell you….these women are serious though. No fun and games…it`s all about the business, baby.

At one point in the workshop, the facilitator was doing an exercise on resourcefulness (as if I need it. I`m VERY resourceful and apparently able to manipulate people :P). So she asks for volunteers to stand up and address the room with a problem, in the hope that someone else there would be able to come up with a quick solution.

One of the first volunteers stood up and said she was having a difficult time with a new puppy, small and feisty like my dogs, and was looking for some kind of help with discipline. I immediately raised my hand and let her know about my puppy school classes and the amazing Karen Forsdick (not a dog whisper, just a dog trainer who actually LOVES animals and doesn`t recommend that they be put to sleep).

Another woman said she was in need of cooking classes, as she suspects that her husband and kids are very bored with the run-of-the-mill fare she`s been offering. Somebody quickly gave her the name and details of two cooking schools, which offer part-time classes.

The lady next to me said that she suspects that her friend has suicidal tendencies…does anybody know if a way to stage an ‘intervention`. The facilitator jumped in with some amazing suggestions and recommendations.

And this was when I had my BJ moment.

So I said (in an effort to lighten the mood)

“Hi. I’m looking for a boyfriend. Somebody nice and professional. Around the age of 30 or so but perhaps not older than 35. Preferably someone who doesn’t have any kids. Someone who’s not violent or psychotic. You see, I`ve been having so much fun working on my career, being independent and dating lots of guys like a kid in a candy shop really. But I`m ready now. I`ve worked on myself for all of 2006 and 2007 will be my year to get involved with someone in a meaningful way. I am smart, occassionally too sarcastic for my own good, have an ability to scare the living crap out of men (apparently), but I am terribly loyal and lovable when I`m in the right situation. I am passionate in relationships because I don`t believe in loving in half-measures, yet I`m crafty and can change my own spare tire. I don`t ever intend on giving up my career, so he needs to like the independent and ambitious sort. Does anybody have a great brother/friend/co-worker who fits the bill?”

(ok. Not verbatim…the whole diatribe was longer. But close as dammit).

I mean, although I honestly meant it, I thought it was hilarious to actually stand up and say that. We`re a bunch of chicks together and no doubt, I would have been saying what so many other women in that meeting already felt. Everybody kind of gave me a blank look…I said *kidding* (which I was, but wasn`t) and they laughed. Kind of a relieved little tutter.

Huh? Are we at a point in the evolution of the female psyche, where we are afraid to speak ‘the evil`. Give me a break. I`m 28, I`m single, I`ve been having lots of fun being single and now I`m approaching a point where it is not that much fun going home alone anymore. There`s nothing wrong in admitting that you`d much rather be cuddling on the couch with your beau on a Friday, than dancing up a storm in another smokey club.

In fact, the more I think about, I realise that you have exactly the love life you`ve wanted. Although I`ve spent 2006 getting my ‘house` in order (a.k.a working on me) and it was a *decision* on my part not to get seriously involved, I feel I`m ready. And there is NO shame in saying that. In fact, I look forward to it and if it doesn`t happen in 2007. I`m not going to stress…

But I`m not going to stop telling the universe that this is what I want. This is the love life I intend to have.

*and now I`m off to yet another function. Weeeeeeee, says the social butterfly

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