• No rest for the wicked

    My itinerary for the day 15h00 to 18h00 : Invitation only Winston Party in Camps Bay. Lunch and Cocktails. After 18h00 : Shoot over to Obs to surprise Mr. Stuyvesant (Coochie Coo) After dark : Invitation only party at Hemisphere. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. I know, I know…I’m showing off. But the art of Summer Fun is all in the planning. *and on the seventh day, you shall rest*

  • The Naked Truth

    So, the general consensus on the BURNING QUESTION is that showing off your guava for the whole world to see in graphic hairless detail is so 2006, Daaahling! (And NO, Visual::Liza, I be no hater – but seeing Britney`s punnani over and over again is like being forced to watch Barbed Wire over and over again. I lose brain cells, Chica. *grin*). But the responses, begged another question…why is it that men think it`s ok to let willy wander. I mean, let`s get real. It`s not like the ladies are crotch watching, but we can SEE when your trouser snake is not nicely caged. For goodness sake, the poor thing…