You can lead a horse to water

You know what is incredibly sexy? What makes the Princess sit up and take notice…A man who takes charge. Look, I`m a strong, independent, modern chick…but I`m still a girl. And I want to be pursued…seduced. I don`t really want to do ALL the freakin work because work is tedious. And if I have given every indication that I am able, interested and willing…well then I really need you to wake up, smell the invitation and come to the party.

To put it into perspective…a certain gentleman (ok…calling him a gentleman is perhaps a stretch) and I are currently involved in a dramatic war of nerves, and it`s driving me mad. I`m not the kind of girl who needs constant attention and text messages every five minutes (oh hell no)… I`m not even sure I like him as a potential friend. I think he`s incredibly arrogant but, unfortunately, this makes me like him in the way a cat likes catnip. I don`t need anything from him that requires grand gestures, romance or sweet nothings. I don`t think we`re suitable for each other in terms of any kind of relationship or friendship. But…ja. There`s chemistry. Spark…the kind of spark where you want to drag each other off to a quiet room and scratch and itch. And walk out and never look back.

We`ve seen each other a few times now, circling each other around the room, dropping loaded comments…but neither of us want to appear too eager. Because we`re both (I suspect) stubborn and totally full of shit.

So we`ve exchanged numbers and we`ve mailed each other intermittently. We play it very cool. And we`re both pretty clear about the fact that we`re not even remotely interested in each other romantically. This is not coochie coo. So, in the spirit of not being ‘coochie coo`, I have made the first move. I have layed my cards on the table and it`s a Royal Flush *please get the pun*

You`d think that he would then take charge. No. He is more than interested (and very willing)…but I have to lead the whole dance. And he makes no bones about this.

And that is just sooooo frustrating…And *yawn* officially boring (You see, usually I lose interest faster than George Bush loses reason). And…I am losing interest. You see, monosyllabic acidic wit can only rev a girl`s engines for so long before she needs a bit more. It would help if you initiated the exchange and said, right. This is what we`re going to do and we`re going to do it now. Grab the damn opportunity (and, since we`re not being coy…grab me will you`re at it).

I need you to speak to my mind. Hell, I need you to speak your mind.

There. I`ve said it.

Because a girl`s just going to do so much and it`s not everyday the Princess singles out any guy to scratch an itch. You`re special bucky boy.

So get with the damn programme already…

*Yes, ladies and gentleman. Although still a lady, the Princess has hormones too. So stop gaping cause a girl needs to get some and that means she`s not always a good girl she`s just a safe

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