Y’ello Jam

I have been waiting for my new toy, the I-Mate Jasjam (Now re-branded HTC TYTN by Leaf) since late October. To date, I have yet to lay my grubby, sweaty, anxious (albeit Royal) hands on my Jasjam.

What is SO hard about this?? You see something you like, you find out when it’s available and you order…or just bloody wait. Problem is that I cannot BELIEVE the terrible service I’m getting from MTN. And, personally, I don’t care if it is a ‘supplier problem’. That`s not my problem. Don`t make your monkey, my monkey. Or…wait. Here`s a thought. Change suppliers….

Firstly, the guys and dolls in their retail stores are not clued up about the products they sell and that sucks. Look, I walk in there and the first thing I get is some guy who approaches me with all the hip arrogance of the young and ‘yello’ inflicted. When I explain to him what I want, he gives me a once-over, decides I’m a girl and won’t know better and then proceeds to try and sell me something I don’t want. I’ll point this out – he’ll blink – and continue as if there was no interruption. This happened to me 4 times. Most of the time I knew about the product, the specs, what it can and can’t do, who the South African supplier is and the process that needs to be followed in order to secure a unit for myself. Why? Because I went to the trouble of finding out.

How hard would it be for MTN to provide their staff with updated info on status of stock, specs and supplier info? Come on guys. It’s a bloody PDA…you should be jacked up about this. Mostly because the individuals purchasing PDA’s will be jacked up about it. We`re a tough crowd.

And then…the complete and utter run-a-around from MTNSP itself. We won’t be releasing it. Yes, we will be releasing it. But only next year. In the winter. When the moon is waxing and the air is cold. And after you’ve sacrificed your youngest child.

Basic rule of PR. Don’t have anything to say? Don’t have any solutions or information to offer? Then don’t say a word and retract previous statements and tell your staff that the unit isn`t being offered anymore. All that`s happening right now is that a lot of promises have been made without any follow through. The constant barrage of conflicting information from ‘Head Office’ makes my head spin.

So….here I am. I’ve been an MTN client for 8 years. I’ve been happy. But the illusion is shattered. And no…I don’t intend to run to another network just because I’m unhappy with this one thing, but it’s incredibly frustrating because my friends will tell you – when it comes to my toys…I’m a very very impatient lady. I want it and I want it yesterday.

So…Now I must look at other options. The Jasjam’s APPARENTLY being recalled due to software problems.

And I’m exactly where I’ve always been….Jam-less (excuse the pun)…

Except for the high blood pressure and stomach ulcer.

Anybody have any ideas?

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