T-Shirt Slogan of the Day

Much like the previous Echoes challenges and traditions, this one happened quite by accident. We were having a discussion about how important the Hoff is to me (on Urban Trash), when Chucks name came up.

As a result of that very misguided conversation, I am now instituting T-Shirt Slogan of the day. Mail me your T-shirt picture (worn by you, not worn by you, with your face in it, worn by your dog, blowup doll, whatever) and I will post it on the Echoes. At the end of a week (or weeks, depending on how this takes off), the blog visitors will vote for their favourite slogan and or pic (in terms of originality).

Important: Ensure that the slogan is legible.

OK, Werner (of Grim Fangdango fame) has awarded me publishing rights to post the following in the Echoes. As a result he is the T-Shirt Slogan of the day.

So, what are you waiting for? Mail you entry to me (mail addie under profile)

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