Summer Shoppingness

Come on summer….

x 1 6-Seater Garden Table…. Check

x 6 Garden Chairs… Check

x 6 Bright Orange seat pillows… Check

x 1 Bright Orange and Deep Red Umbrella…Check

x 2 Outside Candles in glass holders for table…Check

x 1 Garden Bench (Maple and Iron)…Check

x 1 Garden Hose with Sprinkler Attachment…Check

Folding down the ‘magic seats’ and fitting all of it into my Honda without even a moments hassle…Check

Stressing about the fact that I now have to figure out a way to bribe a BSM (Big Strong Man) to unload my car this evening…Check

*contented happy sigh* Damn. Can’t wait for balmy summer nights, braai’s and ice ice cold Mojito’s.

Now… How do I put this Garden Bench together?

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