I’m about to go into a 2 hour meeting. This after I only got in at about 1am (don’t ask) and woke up promptly again at about 4am.

I hate myself this morning. *kidding* It’s not hate. It’s minor self-loathing.
Anyhoo kids, please submit entries for the T-shirt Slogan by noon today (Winner posted at about 1pm).

And think about the service you’re getting from Service Providers in South Africa. Who rates as your best?…who rates as your worst?

More on that later…cause I have a bone to pick with MTN, Telkom and The Department of Home Affairs. With my sour, there’ll be some sweet…I’ll be handing out Brownie Points to some SP’s that have really gone the extra mile regarding customer service.

Later Kiddies (and the family!)


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