A gigolo and gentleman, comfortable in any social situation, to accompany a certain young princess to a whirlwind of forthcoming social engagements. Applicants must be well mannered, well spoken and groomed.

Preferably somebody who will not get drunk and make an arse of himself and, in doing so, embarrass me. Being able to dance would be beneficial, although not crucial. Preference will be given to applicants who will not attempt to flirt with any of my female colleagues and / or contemporaries.

No remuneration offered, except access to wonderful parties and locations. No “after-hours” work is required. So, I have no interest in your sexual prowess at all, the main criteria being that you are an engaging social partner.

Apply Within the Echoes.

*Please relax and breathe. This is a very tongue-in-cheek post and the Princess hasn’t gone completely insane. So many parties, farewells and media events to attend and I have no partner. Traditionally I have mostly attended these on my own, except for the odd occasion when I ask a good male friend to accompany me. This year, I don’t particularly feel like going alone…although I probably will. And what are the criteria? Well, everything as per the ‘advertisement` *snort*. What it comes down to is that you want somebody who is comfortable and confident meeting new people and won`t embarrass you by drinking too much or saying inappropriate things essentially someone who doesn`t need handholding.

Oh well…If only it was as easy as advertising for the perfect partner (a.k.a The Wedding Date)

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