Mmm…. you know that moment before you kiss someone you really like for the first time? When his hand casually brushes your hair away from your face and his eyes are intent on yours. And the air around you is thick. And your heart is thundering in your ears and you feel like you need to step away because you`re battling to breath. But you can`t step away …and he tugs you closer. And you love the fact that he is in control, because you are only capable of getting lost in the feel of his hands on your arms, at your waist. Your mouth feels dry and your palms are sweaty and you want the moment to end because it`s too much and never to end, because it is not enough.

And he comes closer and he kisses you gently. And then nibbles softly on your lower lip. And you exhale and instinctively your need takes over.

And you realise that he tastes sweet…and this is such a delightful discovery that you`re smiling as you`re kissing.

And he knows why you`re smiling. Because he was thinking the same of you.

Love those moments…

*Yes. I intend to post something a lot more meaningful later. However, right now this was meaningful to me.

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