Driven by Ford

*If you’re a man, be warned. This post is frothy girlie fun. You won’t understand the significance or importance of this post. And in no way does it pretend to be meaningful or promote world peace.

Tom Ford knows women.

Well, you could argue that Tom Ford knows fashion and that he is basically quite in touch with his venus side.

Whatever. I just love (lust) a man that knows a thing or two about what makes me a woman. And to make fashion that appeals to a strong, empowered modern woman is no easy thing. It’s a balancing act of strong and light, sweet and dark. And he is the closest thing to my Marlboro Man….Sure, he is gay. But that does not detract from the fact that he is a MAN and a Man’s man at that. Yet, he creates sexy, sensual clothing and fragrances that screams ‘woman’. In fact…man, woman, gay or straight: all would be charmed by Mr. Ford’s refined edge. The epitome of masculinity, he is both polished and rugged: the sum of contrasts which make his beauty both unique and yet very simple.

He reinvented Gucci. He reinvented Estee Lauder’s Youth Dew and he kicked YSL into high gear when it seemed like the fashion house was losing it’s edge. The man’s midas touch is everywhere and not restricted to designing…he directs, he paints, he styles. And he’s smart.

Gorgeous….. I am so in lust with this man and his creativty right now. The reason for this renewed adulation is his latest fragrance offering, Black Orchid. It’s the perfect summer scent to my warmer Givenchy Armerige or Cerrutti winter fragrances. It was released early November and a very (very!) good friend has shipped over a bottle for my amusement and delight. I am sold. Totally hooked!

So, yeah….give me Tom Ford. Give me Dita von Teese (but you know ALL about that little fixation).


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