Don’t mess with my man

I am of course referring to the 2003 Lucy Pearly hit of the same name. I just overheard a particularly nasty conversation in the lift. What was said would have put Ms. Pearl to shame. A certain young lady was making it clear, quite emphatically, to another young lady exactly how she intends to ‘maim and abuse` a other unidentified lady of negotiable affection (her words…slut) for ‘messing with her man`.

In short, my fellow lift-passenger was intending to deal merry hell on a certain someone who`s chasing after her boyfriend. She plans to do this by physically getting hold of her.


This can be an extremely long post and I can wax lyrical about the merits of not getting violent because you should be a lady. Or how this other chick should not interfere in someone`s relationship. Been there, done that and even though the sentiment is the same, I want to offer another thought…something I feel very strongly about.

I will NEVER get into an argument or physical fight because of a man. I will walk away. This is a non-negotiable. It`s like this…I am a freakin Princess (as all women should be but on Planet Normal People you call them Ladies). The moment I have to compromise myself and ‘fight for my man` is the day I start asking myself…

Has he been kidnapped by Aliens and now I have to wage inter-stellar war to get him back?

Has he been brainwashed by that evil fiend, Stefano Dimera, into forgetting all about me…his beloved girlie?

Has he knocked his head, lost his memory and has he forgotten who I am?

Is it even remotely possible that the girl attempting to stick her tongue down his throat is his pretending to be his sister and he`s letting her because he thinks it`s his sister being…uh….friendly?

No? Well…tough. Then I am not fighting for you. My integrity and sense of reputation is worth fighting for. You, you cheating charleton, could never be worth fighting for. You should let her know that you are involved and you are not interested in any way or from. That is not my job.

By the same measure, guys…don`t let women fool you into thinking it`s cool to get into a fistfight over them (ala Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver doing the It`s raining men thing). It`s all rubbish. Unless you`re defending her honour and virtue, there should be absolutely no reason for you to fight for her. She must decide. It`s as simple as bloody that. There`s nothing as annoying as someone who abuses your feelings for them to boost their own sense of importance and inflated ego.

There. I`ve said it. Fighting for your man or woman can be a very pointless and stupid thing in my opinion. Unless you`re defending someone`s virtue or honour, it`s just not worth it. Ask yourself, Why would my partner allow me to feel insecure and paranoid.

My problem does not lie with the ‘shameless hussy` moving in on your man or woman. It lies with your partner. He or she should know better than to let any situation get to that point and, as long as there is a good measure of trust involved, I couldn`t care less who`s staking out my man.

Because it is quite conceivable that the other girls would want to get close to my man…

Who wouldn`t? He`d be a Prince…

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